VeNA Expands to Asia With New Singapore Office

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VeNA Expands to Asia With New Singapore Office

February 6, 2012: Sydney-based premium video and social-gaming advertising network VeNA has announced its initial expansion into the Asia market with the launch of a Singapore office to act as a regional hub.

The new office is VeNA’s first outside its existing Australia and New Zealand operations and will be led by newly appointed Nick Wong as south-east asia regional sales manager.

VeNA chief operating officer James Zipeure said the Asia market presented major opportunities for VeNA, particularly in social gaming. “Our research indicates that US$1b to US$1.5b was spent in the social gaming arena globally in 2011, with US$180 to US$250 million of that spent on marketing,” said Zipeure. “We expect this investment to increase by 40% in 2012, possibly more in Asia, so we will be expanding the Singapore office quite rapidly from its launch phase.”

Newly appointed Nick Wong had an extensive background with creative and media agencies in Asia Pacific before moving to work in digital content libraries. He was instrumental in setting up the Corbis office in Singapore in 2004 before moving to lead the Singapore office for Imagine in 2010. Wong also has digital media experience with Asia’s largest property portal, AllProperty Media.

“Nick’s knowledge of the marketing opportunities for social gaming and online video is highly valuable to us and we are pleased he’s on board,” said Zipeure. “He will bring strong local traction for us and also be a key facilitator in helpinggain momentum for some of our international business partners.”

In November last year VeNA announced its partnership with the US-based Intergi and Create Reach global gaming-sites companies.  “Having partners like Intergi and Create Reach with the sheer potential growth of online gaming particularly in Asia, we are anticipating marketers and agencies to invest more heavily in this sector as it evolves,” said Zipeure.


About VeNA

VeNA (Video and entertainment Network Asia) is one of the largest independent premium video and social-gaming advertising and technology networks across Asia Pacific.  Our business is based on exclusive partnerships with publishers and platforms combined with the sharpest technology and creativesolutions that enable us to deliver at scale a unique market position for agencies and clients.

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