VeNA Signs AdParlour and Intergi

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VeNA Signs AdParlour and Intergi

November 24, 2011: Sydney-based VeNA (Video and entertainment Network Asia) has signed partnerships with two of the world’s most prominent suppliers of online video and social gaming as the next step in VeNA’s expansion in Australia and South East Asia. The new agreements are with the US-based companies Adknowledge and Intergi.

The new deal with Adknowledge will focus on the company’s AdParlor platform which specialises in accelerating advertising revenues across social networking marketplaces that are forecast to grow globally from approximately US$4 billion in 2011 to over US$8.5 billion in 2015, a compound annual growth rate of 31%.

Intergi is a global gaming-sites company with an acquired reach of four out of five gamers on the web, translating into influence across 80% of the world’s online gaming space.

James Zipeure, VeNA’s chief operating officer, said the new partnerships brought new levels of resources to the inventory VeNA offers agencies that are rapidly maneuvering their clients into online brand campaigns.

“In 2010 most social-network ad spends promoted external websites, but we see now that 50% of spends are aimed at gaining fans for brand-sponsored pages and that percentage is growing,” said Zipeure. “This shows that brands are rapidly recognising the main advantages and reasons to use social network advertising – establishing contact and connecting with new customers.

“Our new offer will also help alleviate the heads hours that agencies need to invest in monitoring and adjusting their online campaigns on a daily basis,” said Zipeure.

In social gaming, Zipeure said Australia would see investment of AUS$80 million to AUS$100 million in 2011, with AUS$10 to AUS$15 million spent on marketing. He predicted that 2012 would see a 40% increase in current spends.

“Social-gaming has massive potential as a brand platform,” said Zipeure. “Our new relationship with Intergi allows us to offer an evolving menu of online games to reach fast-moving gaming audiences with brand messages that are tailored to any gaming environment.

About VeNA

VeNA (Video and entertainment Network Asia), is one of the largest independent premium video and social-gaming advertising and technology networks across Asia Pacific.  Our business is based on exclusive partnerships with publishers and platforms, the sharpest technology and creative solutions which enable us to deliver at scale a unique market position for agencies and clients.


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